Who We Are


We are a small mission congregation associated with the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes. What would later be referred to as the "Anglican Church" was planted in the British Isles in the 2nd century A.D. by missionaries from France. Over the next sixteen centuries, the Church in England became known as the Church of England. The word "Anglican" (ang-lik-an), is derived from the word "Anglo"--which also refers to the English people.

The congregation of Christ the King Church in Columbiana is a member of the Anglican Church in North America. This is a body of 1000+ churches throughout the North American continent, that is affiliated with the Anglican Communion of Churches around the world.

We believe that the Sacred Scriptures are the inspired Word of God, and thus inerrant. We believe that the Holy Spirit has clearly revealed how we are to live and that our obligation is to be faithful to His Word. A purpose of Scripture is to change the social realm, not to conform itself to it (2 Timothy 3:16).

What To Expect When Worshiping At Christ the King Church

Participation in our worship hour is not difficult. The words of the worship service (liturgy) are provided in our service bulletin, and in the Anglican Service Book.  Our worship experience is centered in the Holy Communion (Eucharist). The liturgy reflects ancient Christian traditions of worship going back to the times of the apostles and early church community. We celebrate the Eucharist every Sunday as the central act of Christian worship, which also has been observed since the days of the apostles and the early Church.  

We heartily embrace the three strands of Christian expression in our worship services: Sacramental, Evangelical, and Charismatic. We incorporate traditional and contemporary praise music into our services.  We are expanding our liturgical services to include contemporary and traditional language. Anointing with oil and prayers at the altar, after receiving Communion, are provided for those who wish to receive these ministries.  

**A coffee hour follows the worship service. We invite you to stay and visit with us** 


You will notice several forms of Christian art that grace the worship environment, which call to memory several historical events associated with the history of the Church. As important as these forms of art are, our worship service always centers on God the Creator, Christ the Savior, and on the

Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier of our faith.